web design FAQ

Web Design: FAQ

Q How does the website design process work?

  • 1. We start by discussing your design project with you, either in person or by email or phone.
  • 2. We will send you a detailed proposal/quotation based on the initial conversation and provided specification.
  • 3. If you are happy to go ahead with the project, it is at this point that we take payment before the website design starts.
  • 4. We will then provide you with the first design draft within 5 working days. We then make any revisions to this based on your feedback.
  • 5. We will then begin to develop the website using the chosen software sending you regular links in the meantime to see updates.
  • 6. The project will be finalized and completed and the website is set to go live.

Q – Do you build WordPress websites?

A – WordPress is our top choice for most website builds – Web Design as it’s very reliable, flexible, and budget-friendly and it offers a full all around website build. We can custom design your theme to exactly match your business requirements. That said, we can also build your website with other available options, such as Joomla and Intuit. We are capable of building complex, custom development online applications from scratch. So no matter what you need for your online business we have the ability to design and develop.

Q – If I were to go with your monthly maintenance package how does updating my website work? How soon would it be updated after I submit my content to you?

A – We know the importance of updating your website in a timely fashion is crucial. That’s why we strive to have your website updates with new promotions, product photos, new content, product sales, etc.. done within that same day.

Q – Does a domain address come with your packages?

A – Yes if you don’t already have a domain name it is included with our packages. We will discuss proper domain name for your business in your Free web design consultation call.

Q – How much does a website cost?

A – If you’d like to discuss your Web Design requirements, then please complete our contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q- Do you offer any other services?

A – Yes we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. We can get your website ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.. Maintenance plans, custom Web Design & development, writing services, graphic design, branding and photography.

Q – How long will it take to build my website?

We build custom websites so there will be revisions on each web design and page we build. Therefore, it will depend on how many pages you have, how complex they are, and if you are available for feedback and to make changes as required.

But the average 10-page website takes about 1-3 weeks to create if we have everything we need from the client to finish it.

To speed up the process here are some things you can do:
1. Gather all the content and images that you want for the site and give them to us when you order the site. If you’re unable to provide any of this we can provide this for you at an additional cost
2. If you are having an eCommerce website built then you will need to provide us with all the details for each product.

Q – Will my Web Design be mobile friendly?

A – Yes, all our websites are designed to be displayed correctly on mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop computers. This is included with your package deal

Q – Do you offer website hosting?

A – Yes, we offer high-quality website hosting packages based on each of our client’s individual requirements. Every website is different, so we tailor our package to fit the exact requirements for each project and allow expansion later on as your website grows. In the beginning, you might only need a shared, host cost hosting package, and then once your gain more traffic, sales, and or leads we can expand your package to a dedicated server or cloud-based hosting to allow your business to grow faster.

Q – Can you fix our broken website?

A – With few exceptions, we do not fix broken websites designed by another developers. we can, however, convert your old website to a builder theme in WordPress to make a new website with the material.

Q – Can you help me set up social media?

A – We can set up a simple page for you on Facebook. Social media links are included in the website design. We can also set up a store on your Facebook page with a full list of products linking to your merchant account.

Q – Will I be able to update the site?

A – We include training on WordPress at the end of the process, enabling you to change text, images and add blog posts.

Q – Do you make shopping cart sites?

A – Yes, we include Woo Commerce and Pay Pal recurring billing and subscriptions.

Q – Can you point my domain to the new website?

A – Yes, we do this by accessing your server with your user name and password and, if necessary, work with the technicians there on your behalf.